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Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Availability on first come first basis.
  • 2. The Society has the right to reject any application of the Students/Candidates/ Women.
  • 3. Students of DAMS/VAJIRAM get the first right to accommodation at all times.
  • 4. Police verification of candidates is a must and we expect the Students/Candidates/Working- Women to co-operate and comply.
  • 5. Discipline to be maintained at all times.
  • 6. Arguments amongst students/Hostel Warden/Care Taker will not be tolerated.
  • 7. Students/Candidates/ Women who try to misbehave, with any of the Hostel Staff/ Hostel Inmates will be told to leave the hostel within 24 hrs. and no amount/hostel fee/deposit will be refunded.
  • 8. There should be no altercation between the occupants. In case of any physical assault the offending occupant will immediately be asked to leave the hostel within 24 hrs. The Management of the Hostel has the right to forfeit her security deposit and the advance Monthly Fee/Other Fee etc …
  • 9. Students/Candidates/ Women are expected to take care of their belongings like mobiles, laptop, jewellery, purses, cash, credit-cards, debit-cards, clothes etc at all times. The Hostel will not take any responsibility for their belongings.
  • 10. Only parents of male/female candidates are allowed inside the hostel. No male/female visitors are allowed inside the Hostel - other than parents. Any request otherwise, by any hostelier will never ever be entertained.
  • 11. Light, fans, coolers, AC ’ s, computers should be switched off when nobody is in the room.
  • 12. No electrical appliances eg. Room heater, kitchen heater, blower will be used by the students without written prior permission of the concerned authority. If at all they are to be used, it will be on extra payment.
  • 13. Radio should be heared in very low volume, so that other students are not disturbed.
  • 14. The duplicate keys of the room-lock should always be with the Hostel Warden/Hostel Care Taker.
  • 15. No inmate will be allowed to go out of the hostel after 10 p.m without the permission of hostel warden. Such inmate will sign late night register indicating reasons for leaving the hostel late night
  • 16. Inmates are expected to be in the hostel premises by 10 p.m every day. Hostel gate will be closed at 11 p.m everyday.
  • 17. Inmates proposing to spend a night out or day out have to inform the warden in advance / beforehand giving the address , telephone no., where they could be contacted in case of emergency.
  • 18. Any inmate who returns to the hostel after the gate has been closed will be treated as default and will be viewed with seriousness./li>
  • 19. Any case of illness shall be reported immediately to the hostel authorities. If necessary the residents will be shifted to the hospital. All expenses incurred to the hospital, all expenses incurred on any medical assistance (including transport charges if any.) provided to the resident will be borne by the resident herself.
  • 20. Pets are not allowed inside the hostel premises.
  • 21. The inmates shall be responsible for the proper up-keep of the furniture and fittings etc. Any damage to these including the glass panes or electric fittings is to be made by the inmates concerned. No inmate shall remove any furniture or other fittings from the allotted places.
  • 22. Inmates have to give one month written notice ON/After completion of Lock- in Period to be counted from the date such notice is received in the hostel office or pay full charges for the period in lieu of the notice, if intending to leave the hostel for good. All charges should be paid in full as per the prescribed schedule before termination of stay.
  • 23. Hostel charges as fixed by the management will be payable by each inmate and these are subject to revision unilaterally as and when considered necessary without any prior notice. The schedule of rates in force at the time of allotment is available at the hostel office.
  • 24. The hostel fee has to be paid on the due date. Fine for the late submission of fee is Rs. 200/- per day.
  • 25. Rooms will be liable to inspection by the hostel authorities as and when necessary.
  • 26. Hostel inmates shall take prior return permission from the hostel authorities (Warden/Care Taker) before giving any information or interview regarding hostel to any member of the Press, Radio, Television or any other media before making any speech containing any information regarding the hostel.
  • 27. The Management decision will be final and binding at all times.

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